Suregreen is a leading UK-based supplier of Vigilis Tree Shelters, with a wide range of extensive case histories from successful nature recovery and reforestation... read more

Suregreen is a leading UK-based supplier of Vigilis Tree Shelters, with a wide range of extensive case histories from successful nature recovery and reforestation projects. As a supplier of Vigilis Tree Shelters, and Vigilis-Bio Biodegradable Tree Shelters, you can rely on Suregreen for guards that are in stock, delivered on time and reliably tried and tested by forestry professionals across the UK. Moreover, we have invested heavily in quality tree stakes and bamboo canes, to ensure we are well-stocked and ready to accommodate your tree planting requirements.

Specially designed to protect newly planted saplings, vines and young trees, our range includes Vigilis Tree Shelters, Vigilis-Bio Biodegradable Tree Shelters, Spiral Tree Guards, Shrub Shelters, Tree Supports and Tree Ties.

Why choose Vigilis Tree Shelters?

  1. Service and Price – Delivering a wide range of materials quickly and efficiently, direct to the customer, is what we do at Suregreen. Deliveries local to our warehouse in Essex can be made on our own trucks, which have HIABs for easy off-load, but anywhere in the country customers can order quality Vigilis tree shelters and sundries on short lead times.  Better yet, by buying direct from the manufacturer, you can specify exactly the product you need, with variations on the tie height and additional holes.
  2. Vigilis-Bio – Plastics in the environment is a hot topic, and Suregreen are at the forefront of new developments in biodegradable tree shelters. Over the last two years, with the aim to tackle one of the forestry industry’s plastic pollution challenges and support the UK’s afforestation efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, Suregreen and its partner Biome Bioplastics have made significant investment in R&D to bring the new Vigilis-Bio range of biodegradable tree shelters to market.  These shelters are now ready for large scale UK-wide field testing and initial commercial sales.  Get in touch to find out how you can take part here.
  3. New Ties – For some time now, Suregreen have been fitting genuinely easy-releasable ratchet ties to Vigilis Tree Shelters. For the 2021/22 tree planting season, we have refined the product further, which now has a lower profile which makes ‘de-nesting’ the tubes even easier.
  4. Hardwood Timber Stakes – Traditional softwood stakes have gone up in price recently and are sometimes difficult to source. To ensure reliable supply, Suregreen have invested in a large stock of hardwood stakes, which are excellent quality and do not require treatment to last a minimum 5-7 years in the ground.
  5. Improved Colour – Vigilis Tree Shelters are a muted green shade and Vigilis-Bio Biodegradable Tree Shelters are a muted brown shade, which not only blends inconspicuously with the surrounding forest environment, but also encourages healthy growth of the tree inside the tube by allowing optimum light wave transmission.

For more information, quotations or case studies, please contact our Technical Sales Manager and Industry Expert, Oliver Beech, on 07703 784558 or

Don’t forget, you can find out more about our Vigilis-Bio Biodegradable Tree Shelters here.