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Creosote Cundy Peel Round Posts

(SKU: Creosote Cundy Peel Round Posts)

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SKU Creosote Cundy Peel Round Posts
Weight 0kg
Treatment Creosote Cundy Peeled
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Features and benefits

  • 30+ Year life span
  • Slow grown FSC/PEFC-sourced timber
  • Agricultural and Equestrian Fencing Applications
  • Creosote treated timber is available for restricted uses. Please contact the office on 01376 503869 to discuss your requirements.

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More Information
SKU Creosote Cundy Peel Round Posts
Weight 0kg
Treatment Creosote Cundy Peeled

Further information

For 150 years coal tar creosote has been the traditional preservative for treating timber thanks to its ability to prevent wood-rotting fungi and deter wood-attacking insects better than any other treatment on the market.For best results the sapwood of the timber must be penetrated by the coal tar creosote hence, why all our creosoted timber products are kiln dried before being vacuum pressure treated to ensure deep treatment.Creosoted timber is restricted from many uses. We therefore request you contact us on 01376503869 to discuss your needs.Creosoted timber's appearance will start as a dark brown, almost black before fading to a light brown colour.Available Sizes- 1.65m x 75-100mm- 1.80m x 75-100mm- 2.10m x 75-100mm- 2.40m x 75-100mm- 1.80m x 100-125mm- 2.10m x 100-125mm- 2.40m x 100-125mm- 2.10m x 125-150mm- 2.40m x 125-150mm- 2.40m x 150-175mmFor any sizes not listed here please contact us on 01376503869.

Technical information

  • Timber Species - Slow-grown European Redwood
  • Treatment - Kiln Dried & pressure Treated with creosote. Find out more here
  • Finish - Peeled & pointed end
  • Heights - 1.65m / 1.8m / 2.1m / 2.4m / 2.7m / 3.0m
  • Width - 75-100mm / 100-125mm / 125-150mm / 150-175mm
  • Weight - 6-10kg per post
  • Expected lifespan - 30+ years. Please note this is only an expected lifespan, many factors dictate the lifespan of these posts.
  • Colour - Dark Brown. 
  • FSC-Certified - Available (Licence Code: FSC-C167899)