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Vigilis-Bio Biodegradable Tree Shelters

(SKU: Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters)

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SKU Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters
Brands Vigilis
Weight 1kg
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Features and benefits

  • Material: Unique formula as supplied by Biome Biotechnologies Ltd
  • Wall Structure: Twin-wall tube construction
  • Fixing Method: Pre-fitted with releasable tree ties
  • Colour: Light Brown
  • Life Expectancy: UV-stabilised to provide an estimated lifespan of a minimum of 5 years*
  •   *This can vary depending on location, climate and site conditions.

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More Information
SKU Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters
Brands Vigilis
Weight 1kg

Further information

Vigilis-Bio Biodegradable Tree Shelters, from Suregreen, are designed to function in the same way as our regular tree shelters, protecting young trees and other woody plants (such as vines) from animal browsing and herbicide spray.

However, the unique material used to make Vigilis-Bio is radically different from regular polypropylene tree shelters. After a minimum of five year’s service life the Vigilis-Bio tree shelter is designed to start to break up, and as soon as particles and small fragments fall to the ground, where they come into contact with the soil, they will act as a food source for soil bacteria and micro-organisms, eventually being absorbed harmlessly into the natural environment.

No need to remove them; no need to send them for recycling or composting; Vigilis-Bio simply degrades naturally in the soil leaving no micro-beads of plastic or other harmful substances. All that remains is water, CO2 and a few natural minerals.

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Technical information

Heights: 60cm, 75cm, 1.2m and 1.5m

Diameters: 76mm, 85mm, 92mm, 99mm & 110mm - product is delivered in nests of fives

Colour: Light Brown (Colour has been selected to allow easy differentiation on sites)

Reusable Tie Requirements: 

  • 60cm Tube - 1 Reusable Tree Tie
  • 75cm - 2 Reusable Tree Tie
  • 1.2m - 2 Reusable Tree Tie
  • 1.5m tubes - 2 Reusable Tree Tie


 Looking to find out more about the science behind our biodegradable tree shelters? Visit our partner - Biome Bioplastics