TR3 | 2m x 10m | Green | Turf Reinforcement Mesh | 430gsm


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Product Info:

Suregreen TR3 Turf protection mesh protects and reinforces grass where wear, rutting and muddy areas are caused by traffic from pedestrians, bikes, wheels and dogs.

TR3 Turf protection mesh helps to reduce grass wear, rutting and damage by spreading loads and creating a stronger root base and so retaining a natural, structure free grass cover. TR3 turf reinforcement mesh has been specially designed, using carefully selected high density plastics, to allow permanent trafficking for pedestrian and animals to grassed areas where and when this would not normally be considered. Grass reinforced with Suregreen TR3 turf reinforcement meshes can be used throughout the warmer seasons and occasionally in the winter months in some circumstances, subject to factors like frequency of use, nature of soil and the surface drainage. Suregreen TR3 Turf protection mesh is manufactured from an extruded HDPE plastic mesh, which contains a proportion of recycled plastic.


  • Pedestrian grassed walkways
  • Grass paths
  • Lawn Reinforcement
  • Small dog runs on grassed areas / pet play areas
  • Protection against free range chickens pecking the ground
  • Rubber matting stabilisation
  • Wheelchair grassed access paths
  • Play areas, under swings, around climbing frames

The principal behind how TR3 turf protection mesh works, is that the grass sward and roots intertwine with the mesh filaments creating a strong interlock / entanglement of grass and plastic mesh. This entanglement protects the grass from traffic wear, and helps the grass spread loads more evenly. The plastic mesh will quickly disappear into the grass producing an invisible reinforced natural looking grass surface. Suregreen TR3 mesh is intended to give extra strength and a footprint to the top grass surface protecting the grass root structure and so abrasion is greatly minimised.

Technical Information:

The plastic mesh is quick and easy to install, simple roll out over existing grass and fix in place using Suregreen’s Turf U-pins. Once the mesh has been pinned down we advise that you allow a sufficient amount of time for the grass to grow through the mesh and take hold, it is this process of the grass taking hold of the mesh that gives it its strength. If trafficked to early it can cause sinking, bumps or even damage, we advise not using the mesh until you have had to mow the grass at least once. 

The suitability and success of using turf reinforcement mesh depends on a number of factors like frequency of use, type of traffic, nature of soil and drainage. Grass reinforcement meshes are more suitable to be used on heavy clay / loam soils.

Please note that the ability to use TR mesh and its longevity are reliant on ground conditions and our installation guides being followed.

Features & benefits:

  • Turf reinforcement mesh is suitable for protecting grassed areas from pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • Turf protection mesh is permanent solution for grass reinforcement.
  • Fast to install, cost effective and suitable for lawn protection, garden usage


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