Drive in Fence Post Spike | Quick Fit | Oxide Red | Taurus

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Product Info:

The Drive In Quick Fit Fence Post Spikes are an easy and quick way to erect fence and garden posts, they require no digging or concreating in to place which will save you time and money. The quick fit features inverted fins that will hold the fence post in a stronger vice like position. The fence post system helps prevent the fence post having rot and decay as it sits above the ground level, this also allows you to remove the fence posts at a later date if required. The Red Oxide is a powder coating that gives a medium rust protection.

For 4ft fencing use a 450mm or 600mm spike and for 6ft fencing use a 750mm spike.

• 75mm x 75mm x 600mm to suit fence post size 75x75mm (3") - ideal for 4ft fencing

• 75mm x 75mm x 750mm to suit fence post size 75x75mm (3") - ideal for 6ft fencing

• 100mm x 100m x 750mm to suit fence post size 100x100mm (4") - ideal for 6ft fencing

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Technical Information:

Size: 75mm x 75mm x 600mm

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