Green Compost | 800kg


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Product Info:

Our Green Compost is a very environmentally friendly.

Green compost is created by recycling green waste from gardens and parks which, after collection goes through various measures. It is firstly shredded and then can go through a maturation process.

This allows the compost to begin breaking down, with aerobic bacteria managing the chemical processes. 

The procedure is carefully controlled throughout and is rigorously tested for any contaminates.


Main Uses:

  • Promotion of growth for plants in sleepers
  • Ideal for seedlings and potting on
  • Mixing into soil to improve condition of the soil

Technical Information:

  • Supplied in 800kg Bulk bags (nominal weight)
  • Colours: Dark soil
  • Usage Conversion: One bulk Bag will cover ≈ 4m3 or 20m2 x 20mm deep
  • As it is a blend the colour may vary

Features & benefits:

  • Improves Grass and plant growth
  • Reduces Drainage issues
  • Improves root growth
  • Very environmentally friendly


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