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Green Barrier Fencing Mesh | Heavy | 1m x 50m with 10 Pins

(SKU: 431797)

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SKU 431797
Weight 16kg
Height 1m
Weight Grade 200gsm
Colour Green
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Features and benefits

  • Lightweight and fast to install - Great for temporary applications 
  • UV Stabilised plastic mesh - Giving the mesh extra long life when being used outdoors
  • High visibility orange mesh colour - Perfect for construction sites and crowd control
  • Reusable - easily installed, easy to roll up and use again

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Full specification

More Information
SKU 431797
Weight 16kg
Height 1m
Weight Grade 200gsm
Colour Green

Further information

Green barrier fencing mesh is ideal for many temporary fencing applications around the garden, at sporting events and for crowd control. Manufactured from green polypropylene plastic, the plastic mesh is stretched during its extrusion process to increase its tensile strength.

Suregreen offers a range of different sizes of green barrier fencing mesh, from lightweight fences (5.5kg grade), up to our un-stretched 10kg green barrier fencing mesh grade. Our green fencing mesh products are available 1m wide and in roll lengths varying from 25m to 50m.

Steel fencing pins are essential for the fast and quick installation of plastic barrier fencing mesh and barrier tapes. The steel fencing road pins have a "shepherds crook" top to them to make it easy to attach the top of the barrier mesh fencing, barrier tape or rope to the pin.

Size: 1.15m high x 8mm dia. steel.

Suregreen recommends a minimum of 1 fencing pin for every 5 metres when installing barrier fencing mesh. However, 1 pin every 2.5m will give a better-secured fence.

Suregreen offer two different types of fencing pins - standard and electroplated both are the same size, however:

  • Standard pins are untreated and will rust when exposed to the elements. Although the pins may become rusty this will not affect the longevity of the pins.
  • Electroplated pins are fully protected galvanised steel which will help protect the pins against rust.


  • Plastic garden fencing
  • Cordoning off sporting events, pitches, cricket squares and football goal mouths
  • Fencing grassed areas that have been re-seeded.
  • Temporary barriers in the garden, and fetes, parties and weddings

Green plastic barrier fencing mesh blends in well with the natural environment. I can be installed very quickly and staked using our steel shepherds crook fencing pins. Suregreen recommend 5m as a minimum between each metal fencing pin, with every 2.5m being the optimum for a longer lasting temporary fencing.

Technical information

  • Weight Grade - Heavy (200g/m²) - Ideal for domestic applications 
  • Colour - Green 
  • Height - 1m
  • Length - 50m
  • Material - Recycled Plastic (polypropylene)
  • Pins- 10 Pins 

The heavy grade mesh is ideal for commercial long term usage. We recommend using our medium weight grade barrier mesh. For commercial application we recommend light grade barrier mesh For short term domestic applications we recommend extra light grade barrier mesh