Golden Flint Gravel | 850kg | Bulk Bag


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Product Info:

This Golden Gravel is a common blend of creams, honey brown and gold coloured gravel with a nominal particle size 20mm. It is perfect for use with our permeable pavers when creating parking areas and driveways. The gravel consists of sharp angular stones that are ideal for use with Suregreen's permeable pavers as the gravel pieces will shear and interlock firmly with themselves and the grids to form a robust, strong surface. This gravel is ideal for use in and around the garden, the gravel can be mixed in with soil to help improve drainage and is also commonly used with cacti, succulents and alpines as a decorative top dressing. Supplied in easy-to-handle 20kg bags or can be ordered in bulk 850kg bags



Technical Information:

harp, angular pieces that will interlock with themselves to provide a stable surface - great for use with our ground reinforcement solutions
Washed and lime-free
A nominal particle size of 20mm

Features & benefits: