Electric Fence Insulators

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Product Info:

FORTIS electric fence insulators are designed to be screwed into wooden fencing posts to hold your wire securely and away from your fence posts. We have a range of insulators which work with each of our FORTIS polywires, polyropes, and polytapes up to 40mm. Our universal multipurpose insulators can be used with polywire, polyrope and polytape up to 20mm which is ideal for if your fencing is temporary or if you are likely to change your conductors from time to time.

Types of insulators:

  • Standard - these are designed to hold your conductor 2" away from your fence. These are ideal for running along the low to mid-length of your fence so that animals aren't able to climb up your fence. We also have a flat insulator for polytape to ensure a snug, closer fit of your polytape to your fencing posts.
  • Extend - these are long-armed insulators which will hold your conductor at a greater length from your fence than the standard insulators. These are great for using at the top of your electric fence to ensure that animals aren't able to jump or climb over the top.
  • Offset - our Offset insulators have the same benefits as the Extend insulators, but these have an arched/crooked end to enable you to slightly angle your conductor.

Technical Information:

  • Made from stainless steel and high-quality plastic
  • Black colour
  • Metal screw tip - apart from the flat polytape insulator, which has two screw holes

Features & benefits:

  • Easy to install when used with our drill chuck – simply screw into wooden posts and then feed your conductor through them
  • Can be unscrewed and reused as necessary
  • Will securely hold your conductor away from your fence posts


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