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Geocross Roll In Grass and Soil Reinforcement | 1sqm

(SKU: 200614)

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SKU 200614
Weight 4.07kg
Thickness 35mm
Size 580mm x 580mm
Colour Black
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Features and benefits

  •  High Load Bearing Capacity
  • Dotted Non-Slip Surface
  • Extremely Light in comparison to other surfaces
  • No excavation is needed for the installation
  • Resistant to most aggressive substances
  • The grass grows back through the tiles giving a very natural look
  • Very permeable porous surface, natural drainage is maintained
  • Planning permission is unlikely to be required
  • No special tooling or skills are required for installation
  • Can be removed if used for temporary surfacing
  • Each square metre is made up of three 580mm x 580mm grids
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Full specification

More Information
SKU 200614
Weight 4.07kg
Thickness 35mm
Size 580mm x 580mm
Colour Black

Further information

Geocross is a 35mm deep paver that has been thoughtfully designed to provide reinforcement to an existing grass surface. It will allow the grass to support the weight and movement of a range of vehicles from cars to light aircraft, where normally this would not be considered due to likely damage being caused. The Geocross paver is lightweight enough to be installed by one person.

The Geocross pavers are designed with octagonal holes to facilitate the rapid drainage of water, avoid stagnation of water and to allow grass to grow inside them, adding to the outstanding robustness of the paver. The paver is made from specially selected recycled plastics. These plastics makes the paver suitable to be used in all weather conditions, low and high temperatures and has a strong resistance to UV degradation.

The main purpose of Geocross pavers is to convert highly used grass areas, into usable driving and parking zones while maintaining the integrity of the surface and permeability. They can be easily integrated into grassed areas that are often prone to overuse and damage such as overflow car parks, caravan sites, campsites, country paths, and rural access routes, etc. Geocross pavers have been designed with a 60% enclosed surface area to allow the paver to “float” on soft ground. This efficiently distributes the load applied by the wheels of the vehicle to prevent them from sinking into the mud.

Technical information

Pavers per m²: Three

Compatible vehicle types: 

Dimensions: 58cm x 58cm x 3.5cm

Weight: 1Kg per grid, 4kg per sqm

Colour: Black

UV-stabilised: Yes

Load-bearing capacity (filled): 100 tonnes per m²


  • Installation should only take place when the ground is completely soft to ensure that the Geocross pavers can be easily compacted / rolled in
  • Ensure the area is free from abrupt dips, ruts and raised areas
  • Cut the existing grass surface before Installing Geocross pavers