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Tornado Equi Horse Torus Fence R12/110/8-100m


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Product info:

High tensile steel horse fencing from the UK's market leader in agricultural, forestry and equestrian fencing.  Made in Britain, this 1.1m high fencing with 100 x 75mm apertures is ideal for providing a strong, long lasting and low maintenance solution for perimeter, paddock and mixed grazing fence. We recommend it is combined with Suregreen’s Fortis Electric Fencing for optimum security and for aesthetics and visibility recommend use of Suregreen’s Post and Rail Fencing.

R12/110/8 Horse Fence has pre-stripped ends for ease of joining. It features solid vertical wires, close vertical wire spacings to help prevent damage to hooves, and the unobtrusive high pressure bonded Torus knot which does not have any sharp edges. Tornado Torus Horse Fence is manufactured with high tensile wire which strains tighter than mild steel and so requires fewer intermediate posts, making it quicker to erect. It does not stretch with weathering so does not need to be retightened annually.

The specifications available from this high tensile steel wire horse fencing can cater for horses of all sizes. Tornado Torus horse fence provides a range of permanent low maintenance solutions for containing your horse and any other animals that may also share their pasture. We recommend a double fence in situations where horses are present on both sides.

What is the best way to secure grazing horses with sheep or goats?

Horse fencing often has to play a multifunctional role, not only securely containing your horse and any other animals who share their grazing, but also deterring domestic animals, such as dogs, from entering the paddock.

What is best practice when dividing fences and paddocks?

Where paddocks are divided and there is a possibility that horses could be on both sides of the fence, we recommend double-fencing with at least one metre between the two fences. Alternatively, Suregreen's Fortis Electric Fencing is a popular choice for dividing fences.

Can you tell me more about the Torus knot?

The Torus knot from Tornado features a high-pressure bonded knot with continuous verticle stay wire for optimal strength.  This creates a smooth knot with no sharp edges and benefits from being a stronger knot than the hinge joint.

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Technical information:

  • Height - 1.1 meters
  • Number of horizontal line wires - 12
  • Vertical stay line wire spacing - 8cm
  • Top bottom & intermediate line wire spec - 2.5mm dia - 1235-1390 N/mm2
  • Vertical wire line spec - 2.5mm dia - 695-850 N/mm2
  • Galvanised to BS EN10244 - Class A
  • A straining post is required at any change of direction and termination
  • Wire should be tied off at tensioning posts for this we recommend gripples


Features & benefits:

  • Quicker to install; manufactured from high tensile wire which strains tighter than mild steel so requires fewer intermediate post reducing installation time
  • Low maintenance, requires far less maintenance than traditional timber post and rail fences
  • Pre-stripped ends for ease of joining
  • Continuous vertical stay wire with high-pressure bonded knot
  • Close vertical wire spacings to help prevent damage to hooves
  • Smooth knot with no sharp edges
  • Stronger than a hinge joint knot
  • No requirement for annual retightening; does not stretch with weathering so does not require retightening annually