Soffit Vent Mesh | Insect Mesh Screening

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SKU 430325-437485
Weight 0.6kg-2.2kg
Colour Black
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Features and benefits

  • Soffit vent mesh is easy to install and can be cut using scissors or safety knives
  • The plastic vent mesh can be pinned, taped or glued into the required position
  • Suitable for plastic or wooden/timber soffits
  • Suitable for use in conservatories to limit insects' access between the roof and wall joints
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More Information
SKU 430325-437485
Weight 0.6kg-2.2kg
Colour Black

Further information

Soffit Vent Mesh is a black plastic mesh used for preventing birds and insects entering soffits, vents, ventilation areas, roofs and new builds where building regulations dictate that ventilation is required.

This fine plastic mesh has a diamond hole size of 2mm x 2mm which helps stop most insects, debris and birds from entering the roof space. Soffit vent mesh is UV-stabilised and supplied on the following rolls sizes for a multitude of different soffit sizes or ventilation area requirements (width x length):

  • 75mm / 3" x 30m 
  • 100mm / 4" x 30m
  • 150mm / 6" x 30m
  • 200mm / 8" x 30m
  • 250mm / 10" x 30m
  • 300mm / 12" x 30m

Designed to be installed into the vents on the soffits, the plastic vent mesh allows the roof space to breathe, reducing condensation risk through the eaves as ventilation is not affected.

Technical information

  • Manufactured from UV-stabilised plastic 
  • Available in a number of different thicknesses 
  • A mesh with fine 2mm holes