Sharp Sand | 800kg | Bulk Bag


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Product Info:

Sharp sand has many uses in landscaping.  For gardening, when added to heavier clay soils it can aid drainage and makes the soils more easier to work over.  Sharp sand is often used as a top dressing for lawns again helping drainage and promotes root growth.  Sharp sand is also excellent for bedding under / in permeable grids, pavers and slabs.  It will give a clean even surface to lay the top wearing surface on to.  Sharp sand can also be used, when mixed with cement to make mortar for brick and blockwork.

Main Uses:

  • Improves condition of clay soils
  • Improving drainage in clay / loamy lawns and flower beds
  • Bedding for permeable grids, pavers & slabs
  • Used to make mortar

Technical Information:

  • Supplied in 800kg bulk bags (nominal weight)
  • Colours: natural sand
  • Usage Conversion: one bulk Bag will cover 30m2 at 20mm deep
  • As it is a blend the colour may vary
  • Chemically neutral
  • Full specification sheets available

Features & benefits:

  • Improves grass growth
  • Reduces drainage issues
  • Will not over compact when trafficked by pedestrians or cars