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Railway Sleeper Timber Material Spruce - Softwood Oak - Hardwood Spruce - Charred Brushwood
Life Expectancy 8 - 15 Years 20 Years 8 - 15 Years
Available Lengths & Dimensions
Length Width Depth
1.2m 200mm 100mm
2.4m 200mm 100mm
2.4m 240mm 120mm
2.4m x 200mm x 100mm 2.4m x 250mm x 150mm

Pressure Treated to UC3 standard

Available in Green and Brown

Untreated Hardwood

Japanese Treatment - Shou Sugi Ban.

Timber is charred with fire and brushed before pressure treatment applied

Pressure Treated to UC3 Standard

Applications Suitable for any Landscaping project

Suitable for any landscaping project

Strongly advised for projects where timber will be in constant contact with water.

Suitable for any Landscaping Project



Easy to maneuver due to lightweight softwood

Pressure-treated to extend life expectancy

Hardwood is very resilient to any rot or decay

Very long life expectancy

Charred timber provides a sleek, modern finish

Shou Sugi Ban and pressure treatment extends the life expectancy of timber