Polar White Chippings | 8mm - 11mm | 850kg | Bulk Bag


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Product Info:

This very decorative and attractive but hardworking polar white gravel can be used for a variety of jobs.  It is ideally suited for driveways, access routes and paths.  These polar white chippings have a good angular shape so once positioned it is likely to key together and remain in place.  With the Suregreen PP30 white permeable grid it can be visually stunning.  The chippings can also be used as a decorative product for borders and pot toppings.  This chipping is also suitable for aquariums and ponds.  This low-maintenance gravel is a natural product and will lighten up any gardening or landscaping feature. The chippings will reflect a hot sun keeping the soils moist and so reduce overheating of the soils and so improve plant growth.  The stone chippings will also inhibit weed and moss growth.  The chippings also have a good angular shape so once positioned it is likely to key together and remain in place.

Please note: Aggregates are natural products and some variations may occur due to geological and processing variations. The bulk bags are stored outside in the open elements so occasionally may need hosing down once laid to show their natural colour.

Popular uses include:-

  • Infill for Plastic Permeable Paving
  • Parking areas
  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Garden borders and flowerbeds
  • Dressing rockeries
  • Top coating for potted plants
  • Around ponds and water features (please wash before use for this purpose)

Technical Information:

  • Supplied in poly bags 850kg bags (nominal weight)
  • Colour – natural white
  • As it is a natural product the colour & chipping size may vary
  • Usage Conversion: one bulk bag will cover 30m² at 20mm depth

Features & benefits:

  • Natural product
  • Reduces moisture loss around plants
  • Easy to apply
  • Friendly to animals
  • Can add drainage
  • Low maintenance
  • Works especially well with outside lighting