Plastic Insect Mesh - Fine Mesh Screening

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Product Info:

Suregreen Insect Mesh is a semi-rigid plastic mesh with a 2mm x 2mm diamond hole size. This fine structure is ideal for protecting against small insects, flies, wasps, bees, mosquitos and more.

Our plastic insect mesh screening is intentionally not as flexible as netting due to its semi-rigid nature, as it has been designed to be used on door frames, window frames and other such structures. It is effective at preventing insects from entering houses, buildings and farm buildings, and this fine screening mesh can also be used to provide shelter and screening for plants in greenhouses and gardens.

Insect mesh is manufactured from HDPE plastic (high-density polyethylene) which is UV-stabilised and rot-resistant. The mesh is available on 1.2m wide rolls and in three colours - natural white, black and green. The mesh provides excellent light transmission and good airflow.


  • Insect protection on soffits, eaves, double glazed windows and conservatory construction
  • Small mesh keeps even mosquitos out
  • Can be used behind cladding to prevent insects
  • Fencing screen/garden fencing, temporary and permanent applications
  • Water and air filter applications

Technical Information:

Features & benefits:

  • A strong


How to install insect mesh to a door or window frame

To install our insect mesh to either a door or window frame, we would recommend Velcro self-adhesive hook and loop tape for a quick solution that works on a wide range of surfaces including wood, aluminium, and paints.

Cut the roll of tape into strips so that it will cover each side of the window/door frame. Simply peel the middle of each strip you’ve cut so you have two separate strips (revealing the Velcro surface), peel off the backing tape of the “hook” strip and stick that onto the window/door frame. Repeat this process until all sides of the frame are covered. Then with the “loop” strip, peel off the backing tape and stick the strips onto each edge of the insect mesh. Pick up the insect mesh with the tape side facing the frame, then stick the insect mesh onto the frame, apply pressure to each side of the frame to ensure the Velcro has fastened together.


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