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IRO Timber Deck Board | 4.8m x 28mm x 145mm


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Product info:


IRO timber is an exclusive range of decking that is created by combining the ancient Japanese method “Yakisugi” which is the method of charring timber with the latest and best timber technology.  IRO's water repellent, self-cleaning surface ensures that any dust or dirt is simply washed away. Depending on how the decking is used it can makes spaces more modern or more traditional thanks to the charring method. Coated with a coloured wood cream, which has water-repellent properties, any liquids will pearl off the product creating beautiful visuals as well as helping to maintain the decking.

Core Colour Ranges:

  • Charcoal
  • Dolphin
  • Driftwood
  • Mountain
  • Natural

Extended Colour Range

  • Lagoon
  • Poppy
  • Sunflower
  • Sunset
  • Woodland

Below we outline the 7-step process which our IRO deck boards go through to creat their unique look.

Kiln Drying

  • Lowers the moisture content down to 18-22%
  • Provides the initial stability and structure to the wood


  • Moulder machines are used to create a spotless surface finish
  • Profiled with stress relieve grooves on underside to minimize risk of cracks or fractures developing


  • Fire treatment enhances the grain, creating color contrast between the early and late wood
  • Protects against rot insects and weathering


  • Wire Brushes are used to scrape away surface fibers to expose the natural dark grains beneath
  • This process provides the wood with an identity and adds a unique surface grain to each individual piece


  • High pressure treated wood has been infused with preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects
  • Treatment enhances the woods properties and prepares the wood for its intended deployments


  • Secondary kilning used to remove any residue of surface moisture and creates even further stabilization
  • This process is pivotal in creating an optimum bond for the IRO cream during the coating process


  • This final process gives the wood its exclusive and striking colors to shine through
  • Provides UV stability and water repellent properties which sweeps water off the surface


  • All wood is carefully inspected as they are packaged this is to ensure superlative quality is not compromised


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Technical information:

IRO Decking should be installed like any other softwood timber decking. Check out our printable installation guide here, it gives step-by-step, easy to follow advise that will make the job at hand that little bit easier.


  • Please Note when washing please never use a pressure washer this will damage the elements within the IRO formulation
  • IRO cream colours contribute towards the protection of the wood from greying
  • To maintain the product it is essential that you apply the colour matching touch up cream to seal drill holes or exposed cut ends, this helps the decking boards remain water repellent and UV stable
  • IRO decking should have a maintenance inspection every year depending on the chosen colour, wood type and orientation
  • We recommend re-coating IRO products every 3-5 years to reduce the level fading.
  • When calculating the overall width of the IRO decking boards will cover, allow a 5mm gap between each deck board to accommodate movement for example if the finished size of the boards is 28mm (thickness) x 145mm (Finished width) you will neesd to divide the overall width of the area of coverage by 150mm (145mm + 5mm gap) a 3m wide deck area will require 20 boards across it


  • 32mm x 150mm is nominal size of decking
  • Finsihed size is 28mm x 145mm
  • Length: 4.8m
  • Boards have been kiln dried, pressure treated, charred and coated with decking cream
  • Any cut ends should be treated with IRO decking cream
  • UV colour stability will last up to 5 years. Click here to see UV stability testing data
  • Click here to view data on light reflectance values.
  • Click here to view data on the effects of IRO touch-up cream.

Features & benefits:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Lightweight and East to Install 
  • UV stability 2-5 Years
  • Kiln Dried Twice
  • DeckMark and CladMark Certified
  • Available in 10 Different Appealing Colours
  • Elevated & Enhanced Grain Textures
  • Water Repellent Surface
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Self Cleaning Function
  • Eco Friendly
  • Visually Graded for Quality Appearance
  • Re-application Tins Available for All Colours
  • Detracts Algae and Moss Build-Up