GR10 | 2.5m x 5m | Without pins

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SKU 209884
Weight 15kg
Length 5m
Thickness 10mm
Size 2.5m x 5m
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Features and benefits

  • Grass reinforcement for small vehicles on stable ground
  • Grass protection mesh is ideal for permanent applications
  • Fast to install
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More Information
SKU 209884
Weight 15kg
Length 5m
Thickness 10mm
Size 2.5m x 5m
Colour Green

Further information

GR11 grass reinforcement mesh provides strong, permanent protection by reinforcing existing grass areas against traffic damage from small vehicles and pedestrians. The mesh has been designed to allow prolonged summer and winter use of grass parking areas whilst maintaining visually aesthetic appeal of the grass area.

GR11 grass reinforcement meshes have been specially designed to allow quick and maximum grass entanglement, giving structure and encouraging the mesh to disappear into the grass. The plastic mesh has also been designed with an oscillated structure providing enhanced anti-slip properties whilst retaining the necessary resistance to damaging traffic movements.

The suitability and success of using grass reinforcement mesh depend on a number of factors including the frequency of use, type of traffic, nature of the soil and drainage. Grass Reinforcement Mesh is best suited to free-draining, existing grass areas.

Please note that the load-bearing capacity and other specifications stated are reliant on ground conditions and our installation guides being followed. We ask that you consult one of our technical team before purchasing if you are concerned about any of the information stated.

Grass reinforcement meshes like all Suregreen ground reinforcement solutions are compliant for SuDS Source Control (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems).


  • Daily domestic car parking requirements
  • Infrequently used overflow grass car parks
  • Allowing off road parking on grass verges
  • Disabled (DDA) wheelchair access routes and paths
  • Access to grass areas normally closed off to trafficking

Technical information

The plastic mesh is quick and easy to install, simple roll out over existing grass and fix in place using Suregreen’s Premium U-pins. Once the mesh has been pinned down we advise that you allow a sufficient amount of time for the grass to grow through the mesh and take hold, it is this process of the grass taking hold of the mesh that gives it its strength. If trafficked to early it can cause sinking, bumps or even damage, we advise not using the mesh until you have had to mow the grass at least once. 

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