Gabion Basket | 975mm x 450mm x 450mm | 8 Gauge


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Product Info:

A medium-sized 975m x 450mm x 450mm gabion basket that comes as a flat pack kit, easily assembled using the accompanying spirals (helicoils) and structural strengthening wires. Manufactured from GALFAN coated steel for the ultimate corrosion protection, this gabion basket is ideal for landscaping applications including retaining walls and erosion control.

Each kit comes with 6 wire panels, 12 spiral wires (helicoils) and additional support wires.

Technical Information:

The 4mm (8 gauge) Galfan wire panels have been coated (10% Aluminium and 90% Zinc) for long-lasting corrosion protection. The GALFAN coating process strengthens the wire and the basket, increasing its life expectancy by up to 3x compared to galvanisation.

Each gabion basket comes with 3" (75mm) square holes, 12 connecting spiral wires (helicoils) and support wires. Recommended for use with our large cobbles and paddlestones.

Features & benefits:

- Medium 975mm x 450mm x 450mm gabion basket
- Each gabion wire panel features 75mm x 75mm square holes
- Manufactured from GALFAN coated steel for ultimate corrosion protection
- Ideal for landscaping applications such as gabion retaining walls and erosion control
- Comes flat packed with spiral wires (helicoils) and support wires


What is a gabion basket?

Gabion baskets are wire cages manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel for superior durability and corrosion protection.  Gabion baskets should be filled with decorative rocks, stones or cobbles for landscaping applications such as terracing and landscaping, ponds and water features, raised beds, garden and patio seating, tables, benches and retaining walls.

How long do gabion baskets last?

Gabion baskets can last anywhere between 50-100 years, depending on the conditions the gabions are exposed to. If the gabion baskets are being used as a decorative feature inland, you can expect the gabions to last for the upper end of this range.  If you are using the gabion baskets in a coastal area, the salt spray may cause the gabions, like any metal, to rust quicker.  Each gabion basket is manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel for superior durability and corrosion protection.

How do you fill a gabion cage?

Place the gabion basket on the ground and either wheelbarrow the rocks directly into the top of the basket or empty bags.  We would recommend positioning the gabion baskets prior to filling, as they will be heavy and harder to move once filled.

What to use to fill gabions?

Gabion baskets should be filled with decorative paddlestones, large cobbles or gabion limestones for landscaping. For a more creative and artistic approach, try using logs, plastic bottles, glass jars or painted rocks!

How many stones does it take to fill a gabion?

You can use our gabion calculator to find out which gabion basket you will need to cover your required area and how many bags of your chosen aggregate you will need to fill the basket(s).

Can you fill gabions with rubble?

Yes. Most hard aggregates can be used to fill your gabion baskets including old bricks or stones. If you are using the gabion baskets for decorative purposes such as garden seating, retaining walls or water features, we would recommend using cobbles, paddlestones, or our new gabion limestones.

Can you grow plants in gabions?

Yes. Depending on the environment the gabion baskets are in, a large variety of plants can be grown inside the gabions.  Climbing plants are great in gabion baskets as the wire cages provide a sturdy growing frame for the plants to thrive.  Rather than filling the baskets with aggregates, the gabions could be used as a frame to support tall, dried plants such as dried willow or bamboo.  Succulents are also a great addition to place on top of gabion baskets.

Are gabion walls strong?

Yes. Gabion baskets are manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel for superior durability, giving them increased strength and stability.  As time goes on, gabion walls can become stronger due to the build-up silt inside the basket.

Do gabion baskets need foundations?

Gabion walls do not usually need concrete foundations, however, this will vary depending on the type of structure you are building.  It is recommended that some preparations are made under the gabion baskets to ensure they are not easily toppled.

Can you use gabions for retaining walls?

Yes. Gabion baskets are a great choice for retaining walls because they are porous and allow water drainage, preventing water building up and causing damage to the structure.  Moreover, gabion baskets do not usually require concrete foundations, unlike most gravity retaining wall systems, making them easy to install building blocks for landscaping