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European Hardwood Railway Sleeper | 3m x 100mm x 200mm | Hardwood

(SKU: 202281)

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SKU 202281
Weight 63kg
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Features and benefits

  • Organic Natural Hardwood.
  • Used to make Raised Beds, Lawn + Border Edging, Garden Furniture (Benches + Tables) and DIY Projects and Ideas for the Garden.
  • Less likely to splinter vs Softwoods.
  • Beautiful Silvery Grey when exposed to the elements for a long time.
  • Up to 15 year life expectancy. 10-15 years when in ground contact.
  • From Sustainably managed Forests.
  • 3m x 100mm x 200mm.
  • 63kg

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More Information
SKU 202281
Weight 63kg

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Our European Hardwood sleepers are ideal for all kinds of landscaping and gardening purposes such as raised beds, patios, planters, and lawn edging. With an expected lifespan of up to 15 years these European Hardwood railway sleepers will stand the test of time in all conditions. When these sleepers are placed in contact with the ground life expectancy would be 10-15 years.

In terms of durability these sleepers are longer lasting than our softwood sleepers but, are more similar to our oak sleepers in terms of appearance.

With European Hardwood being a hardwood it is a naturally dense timber, meaning your new railway sleepers have not been treated with a preservative, however, you can oil or stain to suit your needs and preferences. If you decide to leave the hardwood railway sleepers untreated then the European Hardwood will silver beautifully with age, creating incredible rustic sleepers.

Our hardwood sleepers are sawn from natural, organic timber that has not undergone any drying process leaving it to naturally season over time. These Sleepers may have waney edges, will split, and may move over time - like all European Hardwood, but this is part of the natural beauty of the product. Large cracks, splits and irregularities are to be expected with this product - it is not kiln dried, meaning they are fresh, new European Hardwood railway sleepers cut down within the last year. Given the expected irregularities with this product it is not recommended for construction, but for landscaping. 

Looking to make European Hardwood Sleeper Raised Beds or an European Hardwood Sleeper Mantle? We strongly recommend using Stainless Steel Timber Screws whenever working with European Hardwood Sleepers - Codes 871706/ 871713/ 871720/ 871737

These are a truly stunning product which will enhance areas that accomodate them. 

PLEASE NOTE: 2 people are required to assist in offloading - without 2 people being present we cannot guarantee delivery will be made.

Craned delivery is only available for:

  • Essex
  • Suffolk
  • Kent
  • Hertfordshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Northamptonshire


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Technical information

  • Dimensions: 3m x 100mm x 200mm.
  • 63kg.
  • With European Hardwood being a natural substance shrinkage is possible. This will help develop a natural look and will not affect the integrity of your sleeper.
  • Dimensions may vary by 5mm to sizes stated, this is due to wood naturally growing and shrinkage with changes in humidity.
  • Please note, sleepers may be affected in transit/with the courier. Spray paint can be present (we ask this is avoided) on one side of the sleeper. This shouldn't affect the usage of the product - if a side has spray paint, this can be used in a way where the paint is covered/out of sight. We will not replace any sleepers in such a condition - as we cannot garuantee they will be any different. If this is an unacceptable condition/cannot be used- we will refund any returned sleepers minus carriage costs.
  • Any concerns on the condition of sleepers should be communicated with us ASAP - please DO NOT accept the delivery if you are unable to use the product as planned - they will be returned to us.
  • We are unable to replace any Sleepers due to cracks, splits and warping - these are to be expected with this product. These are a Fresh Natural Product which will not act in the same way as other Timber types.
  • As these Harwood Sleepers are a natural product, waney edges, splits, large splinters and a variety of shades are to be expected. They are full of character and give an environment a rustic but authentic and aesthetically pleasing feel.
  • These sleepers are graded for landscaping including gardens, parkland, ponds, back yards, courtyards and raised beds rather than for construction purposes, though can be used for retaining walls.