Walk In Fruit & Vegetable Cage | 2m x 2m x 2m | Bird Netting | 20mm


SKU: 436198

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Product Info:

Walk-in fruit and vegetable cages provide a simple but effective solution for crop protection requirements. They are extra-large cages made up of strong 25mm powder-coated square section aluminium tubing in 2m lengths, meaning that a 2m high cage can be 2, 4, 6 or even 8m long. All tubing can be cut using a hacksaw to make fruit cages of any size. This is then covered in our anti-bird netting.

Walk-in fruit and vegetable cages are perfect for the garden, allotment or smallholding. The cage incorporates steel-reinforced joints to ensure a sturdy structure which can be easily modified, allowing it to cover different sized plots and plants as the seasons dictate. They can also be supplied with a useful door kit where fruit cages are heavily used and accessed.

Each fruit cage pack listed is supplied with the correct amount of aluminium poles, connecting Build-a-Balls, anti-bird netting and netting ground fixing pegs.

When to Sow, Plant & Harvest:

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Technical Information:

  • Walk-in cages have 20mm holes
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminium
  • 25mm powder coated aluminium box section frame
  • Mesh is made from strong woven plastic
  • Push fit reinforced joints

Features & benefits:

  • Fruit cages are simple and quick to build, no tools required
  • Strong, resilient, modular and reusable
  • Cages include tubing, spikes, balls, bird netting and ground pegs
  • Unique multi-hole attachment balls allow cage to be extended, expanded and modified to almost any configuration
  • High quality aluminium tubes and weather proof components will last for years
  • Push fit, steel reinforced joints.
  • Ideal for allotments and large gardens
  • Suitable for growing most fruit & veg