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Trackturf - Grass Reinforcement

(SKU: Trackturf - Grass Reinforcement)

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SKU Trackturf - Grass Reinforcement
Weight 10kg
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Features and benefits

Trackturf provides what looks like a natural grassed area, but gives it the strength to withstand the movement of cars, vans and even HGV’s.

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More Information
SKU Trackturf - Grass Reinforcement
Weight 10kg

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Suregreen Trackturf provides a load-bearing reinforced grass surface suitable for grass areas that are subject to high use/traffic. Uses include outdoor event areas, grassed overflow car parking, fire access roads, grass verges, wheelchair paths and sports fields. Trackturf consists of a blend of specially selected grass rootzone blended with thousands of interlocking high strength plastic mesh elements.

Trackturf's plastic mesh elements interlock, providing the rootzone with strength and stability which allow downward forces to be resisted. Selected turf is supplied to establish grass cover. As the grass roots develop they penetrate through the plastic mesh in the rootzone to form a deep anchored root system and a very stable structure. The result is a safe good-looking free draining, natural grass surface with no visible structures but with high load bearing capabilities. Suregreen Trackturf also has high resistance to rutting, compaction and deformation so a good workable attractive grass surface is kept long after other grassed surfaces would have failed. When installed correctly, Suregreen Trackturf complies with the latest SUDs regulations regarding drainage and runoff achieving rapid drain off flows.


Suregreen Trackturf can be used to solve many customer requirements where a natural grass finish is a must but can also handle intermittent intense trafficking including weights up to HGV’s. The applications and benefits would include: -

  • Fire & service access roads
  • Multi-use events areas (safe pedestrian / recreational areas that could be used for car parking / HGV’s when needed.
  • Sports fields that has high intense pedestrian traffic and / or was needed to allow movement of emergency vehicles if required.
  • Events areas
  • Helipads
  • Overspill parking
  • Verges on roads to resist damage from heavyweight vehicles like dustcarts and delivery vans.
  • Amenity areas and slopes up to 50 degrees to resist foot fall damage
  • Source control for SUDs.