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Tornado Galvanised Mild Steel Stock Fencing 50m C8/80/15


SKU: 998932

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Product info:

Mild steel livestock fencing made in the UK by Tornado, the UK’s market leader in agricultural, forestry and equestrian fencing. This 0.8-meter-high fencing is available in 50m and 100m rolls has 8 horizontal mild steel wires with a vertical wire spacing of 15cm and is suitable for all livestock. It does not need to be tensioned as tightly as high tensile steel fencing, making it ideal for fences with gradual turns made off intermediate posts or fences backed by hedges.



Technical information:

  • Height - 0.8 meters
  • Number of Horizontal line wires - 8
  • Vertical stay line wire Spacing - 15cm
  • Top & Bottom wire line spec - 3mm dia ‚Äì 695-850 N/mm2
  • Intermediate & Vertical wire line spec - 2.5mm dia ‚Äì 695-850 N/mm2
  • Average Roll Weight 50m Roll - 32Kg
  • Average Roll Weight 100m Roll - 64Kg


Features & benefits:

  • Does not need to be tensioned as tight as the high tensile option
  • Ideal for fences with gradual turns and/or backed by hedges
  • Available is 50m and 100m rolls