Coach Screws | 5 Pack | Timco

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Product Info:

Traditional heavy duty woodscrews mainly used for timber to timber applications, attaching ironmongery to timber or for use with a nylon plug into masonry. Pilot holes may be required into certain hardwoods. DIN571 Zinc plated. Thread length is approximately 2/3 of the overall screw length. Eg. 100mm screw = 60mm thread length (approx.)

  • HEX FLANGE HEAD - Hexagon head with fixed washer for excellent clamping
  • PARTIALLY THREADED - Partially threaded to assist clamping of materials
  • 50° SINGLE THREAD - To provide secure fixing with high pull-out resistance
  • SINGLE SLASH - To reduce torque and the likelihood of the timber splitting when the screw is inserted close to the edge
  • 25° SHARP POINT - Sharp point and single threading for a fast start, easy penetration and improved thread acceptance

Associated Products:

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Technical Information:

8.0mm x 50mm
Hex Head
CE Marked
Socket size: 13mm

10.0mm x 50mm
Hex Head
CE Marked
Socket size: 13mm

Features & benefits:

- Ideal use with connector plate and angle brackets when connecting to timber sleepers
- Suitable for softwood, hardwood, man-made board or masonry with the use of a nylon plug