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Green Treated Timber Bollard Posts

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SKU 876367-879863
Weight 7kg-14kg
Height 2400mm, 1200mm
Size 1.2m x 100mm
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Features and benefits

  • Sustainably sourced timber bollards used for parks, walkways and cycle paths
  • Smooth machine-round timber with a chamfered finish on both ends
  • Green pressure treated to ensure longevity when exposed to the elements
  • Ideal for creating pedestrian only areas such as for verge protection and walkways

Timber orders require 2 people to assist with offloading unless otherwise advised. Unassisted craned delivery may be available in the South East of England.

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Further information

Timber bollards are machine-rounded timber posts which feature flat, chamfered finishes on both ends.  Timber bollards are often used as an attractive alternative where a solid fence is not required, as the posts allow pedestrians to pass but prevent vehicles from doing so.  This makes timber bollards ideal for areas such as play grounds, walkways, parks, cycle paths and verge protection.

These timber bollards are from sustainably sourced forests and have undergone a green pressure treatment to ensure a long life outdoors.  The treatment colour will naturally fade over time to leave a silvery grey.  This makes them well-suited to parks, zoos and forests, by providing security without disturbing the natural look and feel of the environment.

Treatment: Green Pressure Treated

Finish: Machine-Rounded with Chamfered Ends

Heights: 1.2m or 2.4m

Diameter: 100mm

If you are interested in other sizes that are not listed here, please contact our sales team on 01376 503869 or sales@sure-green.com.

Technical information

Timber Species: Spruce/Pine Mix

Sustainably Sourced: Yes

Treatment: Green Pressure Treated

Finish: Machine-Rounded with Chamfered Ends

Height: 1.2m / 2.4m

Diameter: 100mm

Weight: 7kg / 14kg

Colour: Green