Introduction to Weed-Defenda

WEED-DEFENDA is a permeable, non-woven geotextile membrane used to suppress and control weeds without the need for harsh chemicals.

Key Benefits of WEED-DEFENDA:

  • Acts as a barrier to prevent weed growth and stop Rhizome penetration
  • Allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate through to the soil below
  • Durable fabric resistant to microbiological and chemical attack
  • Easy to install and contributes to low maintenance gardening
  • All fertilisers, liquid or solid feed can be used with WEED-DEFENDA

Applications & Uses

Available in two variants, 50gsm and 70gsm, WEED-DEFENDA suits a wide range of landscaping applications, including:

WEED-DEFENDA 50 (50gsm):

  • Flower and shrub beds
  • Lining planters and containers
  • Play areas under mulch
  • Vegetable beds
  • With a mulch under decked areas
  • Under slabs on domestic patios
  • Aggregate and scree areas

WEED-DEFENDA 70 (70gsm):

  • Under artificial grassed areas
  • Pedestrian gravel walkways
  • Under slabs on domestic patios
  • With a mulch under decked areas
  • Aggregate and scree areas
  • Flower, shrub and vegetable beds
  • Play areas under bark mulch

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