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Installation Guide & Tips

Laying permeable, non-woven weed control fabric is an easy and effective way to suppress and control weeds without the need for harsh chemicals.  Find out how to install our WEED-DEFENDA weed control fabric correctly using this handy guide!

How to Install Weed Control Fabric

  1. For aggregate areas: Prepare the area by strimming all vegetation to ground level, removing any bulbs and sharp stones or objects that could penetrate or damage the WEED-DEFENDA fabric.For garden areas: Prepare the soil by removing visible weeds before clearing and levelling the soil.
  2. Lay the WEED-DEFENDA fabric over the prepared area and secure at the edges using fixing pegs or steel u-pins. Using a spade, spit down 150mm vertically and tuck the fabric into the vertical split.
  3. If more than one row of weed control fabric is required, overlap the pieces by at least 6 inches to prevent weeds from growing through the seams. The overlaps can be secured in place with fixing pegs or mulch.
  4. Arrange your plants on top of the weed control fabric ready to plant.
  5. Working one plant at a time, cut a cross in the weed control fabric under each plant and open it up. Remove the soil and place the plant in the hole. Firm in and water, then replace the fabric ensuring no soil is left on top.
  6. For extra protection from weeds, create a collar from a rectangle of fabric big enough to cover the cross cuts.  Cut one single slit half way up the rectangle. Place this over the cross cuts and the stem of the plant.
  7. Ensure that the weed control fabric is covered with approximately 4cm aggregate or 5cm mulch within 24 hours of laying.

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