Spring Chain Gate Bolt | 450mm | Black | Timco


SKU: 871638

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Product Info:

Spring Garage Chain Bolts are extrememly ideal for securing the top of garage doors or gates. The bolt remains closed under spring tension and features a 450mm long pull chain for easy operation to release the bolt.

Technical Information:

  • Square Bolt: 16x16mm
  • Bolt Throw:30mm
  • Plate Size:188x56mm
  • Flat Keep Size: 63x51mm
  • Flat Keep Hole Size: 18x18mm
  • Chain Length:450mm/18"
  • Screws Included:4.0x30mm Pan Screws (x8)

Features & benefits:

  • Spring Chain Bolt
  • Remains closed under spring tension
  • Fixings Included
  • Suitable for Damp/ wet rural and sheltered areas