Roughneck | Carpenters Pencils (10) with Sharpener


SKU: 874097

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Product Info:

The Roughneck Carpenters Pencils come as a 10 pack unsharpened oval-hexagonal design, with a unverisal sharpener included. The large surface area makes the pencil easier to grip in use and the flat surface is to prevent it from rolling away.

Technical Information:


  • Pack of 10
  • Unverisal Sharpner
  • Unsharpened Both Ends
  • Oval/Hexangonal Design
  • This Product is Made Of FSC Certifed Timber

Features & benefits:

  • 10 Pack Carpenter's Pencils
  • Includes and universal sharpner
  • Unshaped both ends
  • Oval/Hexagonal deisgn
  • This product is made of FSC certified timber