Roughneck | 3 pcs Wood Chopping Set


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Product Info:

The Roughneck 3 Piece Wood Cutting & Splitting Set contains 1x Wood Grenade, 1x Hand Axe, 1x Splitting Maul.

Wood Grenade - Splitting Wedge with a diamond shaped cross section that provides splitting of the log in 4 directions. The spherical striking face provides a centred and efficent blow. The notice on the wood grenade prevent pop out from the log being split. It has a double injected TPR soft grip handle and a polished blade.

Hand Axe - Has a drop forged alloy steel blade which has been hardened and tempered. It uses industrial grade epoxy for a longer lasting bond and had a solid core fibreglass handle with a polypropylene cover that is stronger than the actual wood. The hand axe has a double injected TPR soft grip handle and a polished blade.

Splitting Maul - Is the ideal tool for splitting wood and driving wedges, the unique anti-stick blade is designed for faster easier splitting. The Maul is made from hardened and tempered drop forged alloy steel with a solid core fibreglass handle and a polypropylene cover. TPR is double ejected for a soft grip handle and intergral over strike protection, it also has a polished striking face with chamfered edges. The Splitting Maul uses a industrial grade poxy for longer lasting bond.

The ideal time to cut fire wood is late winter and early spring months as the wood shpuld be cut 6 months prior to you burning the wood.

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