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Raised Bed Kit | 1.3m x 1.3m x 0.4m | Softwood Sleepers

(SKU: 877852)

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SKU 877852
Weight 840kg
Height 400mm
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Features and benefits

What's Included:
  • Everything you need to build a beautiful raised bed
  • 8 x Green Treated Sleepers 
  • 20 x Railway Screws 
  • 10 x Railway Screws 
  • 1 x In-Dex Magnetic Hex Socket Driver Bit 
  • 1 x Topsoil Bag 
  • 1x Weed Defenda
*See product dimensions in technical information. 
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More Information
SKU 877852
Weight 840kg
Height 400mm

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How To Build A Raised Bed        

Further information

Create a raised bed effortlessly with our all-in-one bundle. Includes green-treated railway sleepers, topsoil, durable weed control fabric, and easy-to-use fixings. Perfect for hassle-free gardening, whether you're a beginner or seasoned enthusiast.

Raised beds have become a popular choice for gardeners of all levels due to their versatility and numerous benefits. These elevated planting areas offer improved soil drainage, better weed control, and easier access for planting and harvesting. Whether you're growing flowers, vegetables, or herbs, raised beds provide an ideal environment for healthy plant growth. Our all-in-one bundle simplifies the process, making it accessible and convenient for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space. Providing increased depth, allowing for more planting, raised beds are an essential for any gardening project. The increased depth results in higher quality, aerated soil, maximising plant growth.

Our package provided is enough to build a durable double-level raised bed, this is perfect for planting anything that has longer roots such as things from carrots and tomatoes to flowers and shrubs. 

Technical information

What's Included, with dimensions:

  • 8 x Green Treated Sleepers (1.2m)
  • 20 x Railway Screws (6.7mm x 150mm) 
  • 10 x Railway Screws (6.7mm x 250mm) 
  • 1 x In-Dex Magnetic Hex Socket Driver Bit (8mm)
  • 1 x Topsoil Bag (800kg)
  • 1x Weed Defenda (1m x 14m | Black | Non-Woven)
  • Timber sleepers are pressure treated to increase resistance to rot and extend lifespan.
  • Once assembled the measurements of the raised bed are: 1300mm x 1300mm x 400mm