Polyposts - Electric Fencing Step-In Posts

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SKU 994286-996488
Weight 0.25kg-21kg
Height 3ft, 4ft, 5ft
Brands Fortis
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Features and benefits

  • Available in three different heights to suit different applications and livestock
  • Supplied in white to stand out against the vegetation whilst also being a natural colour
  • Heavy-duty steel spike to ensure secure installation
  • Large step-in foot peg for easy insertion into the ground
  • Clips to hold polywire, polyrope or polytape in place - no need for insulators
  • Features an anti-rotation spike underneath the foot peg to ensure minimal movement once installed
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More Information
SKU 994286-996488
Weight 0.25kg-21kg
Height 3ft, 4ft, 5ft
Brands Fortis

Further information

FORTIS step-in electric fencing polyposts are ideal for temporary electric fencing applications. It features a ground spike and a foot peg which makes it easy to install - simply step on the peg to push the post into the ground. These posts are ideal for fencing on rented land, as part of strip grazing, for electric fencing systems that are often moved or adjusted, and much more.

Our step-in electric fencing posts are made from reinforced polypropylene plastic which has been UV-stabilised, helping to ensure that it will have a long life in the outdoors. It also features clips at different heights to hold in your polywire, polyrope or polytape, reducing the need for insulators.

The foot peg features an anti-rotation point underneath to prevent the post from rotating or moving once inserted into the ground, making the post much more secure in situ. The foot spike is made from a robust heavy-duty steel to ensure that it is as stable as possible.

Typical applications include:

  • Farm boundary fencing
  • Strip-grazing fencing
  • Temporary electric fencing
  • Temporary animal enclosures to keep predators out

Technical information

  • Manufactured from reinforced polypropylene
  • Available in 3ft, 4ft and 5ft
  • Please note - we advise that timber posts should be used as corner posts for this type of fencing due to increased stress on these areas.