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SKU 214307-214352
Weight 5kg-16kg
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Features and benefits

  • Stackable planters with built-in watering system
  • 1 unit is: 60cm (width) 20cm (height) 14.5cm (depth)
  • Create bespoke green walls indoors or outdoors
  • Various pack sizes available
  • Easy maintenance for lush greenery
  • Enhances any space with unique living walls
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • Allows for customisation (just add your favourite plants!)
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Transform any wall effortlessly with the PlantBox Green Wall system – a clever and simple vertical garden.

These stackable planters feature a built-in watering system, making it easy to maintain lush greenery indoors or outdoors. Handy pack sizes available. Whether you're enhancing your home or sprucing up a commercial space, Plantbox offers endless possibilities for creating bespoke living walls. Just add your favourite plants and watch your green oasis thrive.

Don't forget to grab a drip tray for indoor use.

Choose from mini (3 troughs), medium (5 troughs), or go large with 10 troughs to create a 1.2-meter-wide living wall. The unique watering system makes plant care a breeze!

Technical information

PlantBox Green Wall system 1 Unit Size

  • Width = 60cm
  • Height = 20cm
  • Depth = 14.5cm

Stackable, with strong clips to hold the troughs in place

  • Water reservoir (holds 1.8 litres)
  • Capillary wicking felt allows plant roots to draw up water as needed
  • Water indicator tells you when to fill up
  • Each planting trough is 12cm deep and holds 3-6 plants (depending on what you’re planting)
  • Suitable for ordinary, multi-purpose compost (if using four 1LTR sized plants, you will need approx. 4-5LTR of compost per PlantBox)
  • Small footprint, so it’s ideal for balconies, roof gardens, patios or conservatories.
  • Easily attached to boundary walls, fence posts, balcony railings or conservatory walls.
  • Also suitable for indoor use (with an appropriate drip tray)
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic, making the most of our household recycling
  • Made in England

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More Information
SKU 214307-214352
Weight 5kg-16kg