Pink Rock Salt | 20kg

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SKU 876046
Weight 20kg
Brands Long Rake Spar
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Features and benefits

  • Traditional pink road grade de-icing grit
  • Available in handy, easy-to-use 20kg bags
  • Ideal for quick de-icing of driveways, paths and steps
  • Pre-packed bags are designed to last 2 years longer than standard bags
  • Conforms to British Standards 3247
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More Information
SKU 876046
Weight 20kg
Brands Long Rake Spar

Further information

Pink rock salt, or de-icing salt, can prevent ice on paths, steps, driveways, roads and playgrounds.   Pink rock salt contains large granules and is the most common de-icing salt used in the UK.   This road-grade pink rock salt is drier than other de-icing salts resulting in it being easier to spread and simple to handle in 20kg bags.

Technical information

  • Bag size: 20kg
  • Colour or salt can vary from pink to brown
  • Suitable for conditions as low as -10°C