Necked Tower Bolt | 150mm | Epoxy Black | Timco


SKU: 871140

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Product Info:

The Necked Tower Bolts are used for securing recessed fitting timber gates and shed doors in closed position. The necked tower bolt is powerded coated Black and is suitable for occasionally damp/wet rural and sheltered areas.

Technical Information:

  • Bolt Length: 150mm/6"
  • Bolt Dia:10mm
  • Bolt Throw: 40mm
  • Plate Size:165 x 38mm
  • Flat Keep Size:43 x 27mm
  • Flat Keep Hole Size:12mm
  • Screws Included: 4.0 x 30mm (Pan head x12)
  • Epoxy Black

Features & benefits:

  • Necked Tower Bolts
  • Securing recessed fitting timber gates
  • Shed doors
  • Fixings included
  • Epoxy Black