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Moorland Reinforcement Mesh

(SKU: Moorland Reinforcement Mesh)

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SKU Moorland Reinforcement Mesh
Weight 75kg
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Features and benefits

  • Ideal for permanent moorland and ground reinforcement applications
  • Will prevent rutting and mud caused by cars and traffic
  • Heavy grade mesh provides a permeable, reinforced solution for cars, trucks, Argocats and more.
  • The mesh is laid and fixed directly to the existing surface - no soil removal or excavation required!
  • The slip-resistant mesh structure can also be improved by adding a thin layer of sand over the mesh to provide increased grip and traction
  • Perfect for use where planning restrictions are applied or cost savings are being considered
  • Ideal for use in Source Control applications as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS)

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More Information
SKU Moorland Reinforcement Mesh
Weight 75kg

Further information

Moorland Reinforcement Mesh is a thick plastic mesh that creates a reinforced access road over moors and soft boggy areas. The mesh allows the native moorland plants to grow through the mesh and retains the natural look of the area, whilst also providing a stable access road that is robust enough to handle the movements of an Argocat.

Moorland Mesh is robust enough to handle the movements of an Argocat and is flexible enough to drape over the surface of the undulating moorland. When laid, the thick plastic mesh needs to allow almost complete entanglement of the often woody and fibrous moorland vegetation, allowing it to visually disappear and to give extra structure and strength to the access road.

Moorland Reinforcement Mesh has been developed from UV-stabilised and specially selected plastics that will not rot or give off undesired chemicals.

We advise that you contact us before purchasing and installing Moorland Reinforcement Mesh as the variations of depth, vegetation type and slopes will vary from site to site, affecting your access road requirements.

Technical information

  • 2.5m wide to safely allow agricultural vehicles to pass over
  • Tough enough to handle the movements of an Argocat, but flexible enough to drape over the surface of the undulating moorland
  • The plastic mesh is quick and easy to install - simply roll out over existing grass and fix in place using our Premium U-pins
  • Once the mesh has been pinned down, we advise that you allow a sufficient amount of time for the plants and grass to grow through the mesh and take hold, as this process of the grass intertwining with the mesh gives it its strength
  • If trafficked too early it can cause sinking, bumps or even damage
This mesh may not be suitable for all applications. Please contact us to discuss your project and suitability before purchasing.

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