Monkey Tail Straight Handle Bolt | 450mm | Galvanised | Timco


SKU: 871263

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Product Info:

Monkey tail bolts are ideal for securing the top/ or bottom of timber gates and doors.They feature an extended length handle for ease of operation and remain closed under tension. Supplied with a flat plate keep and staple keep for fitting in either flush frame mounting, recess frame mounting or floor mounting applications. The Monkey tail bolt has been hot dipped galvanised for which gives a excellent corrosion resistance

Technical Information:

  • Bolt Length: 450mm
  • Number of screw holes:10
  • Screw head:4mm
  • Plate size Length:250mm
  • Plate size Width:50mm
  • Bolt Throw:70mm
  • Screws Included: Pan Head 4.0x30mm (x10)

Features & benefits:

  • Monkey Tail Bolts are ideal for securing the top and/or bottom of timber gates and doors.
  • Galvanised
  • Fixings Included
  • Very good in Urban and Industrial areas with a moderate salt atmosphere