MONA Plantsava Irrigation Tank

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Features and benefits

  • Irrigation tanks for containerised plants, delivering water and nutrients directly to the roots
  • Can be used within interior and exterior landscaping
  • Installed in patio, mezzanine and atrium displays across the UK
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit all containers and pots
  • Can be planted at different depths to suit the plants roots
Size guidance: 
  • Tank 1 - holds 1 litre - Suitable for planters 2.5L - 8L
  • Tank 2 - holds 2 litres - Suitable for planters 5L - 16L 
  • Tank 3 - holds 3 litres - Suitable for planters 15L - 40L 
  • Tank 6 - holds 6 litres - Suitable for planters 20L - 60L
  • Tank 10 - holds 10 litres - Suitable for planters 30L - 100L
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Mona Plantsava Irrigation Tanks provide an excellent solution for watering plants in both indoor and outdoor landscaping projects, including pots and planters.

Available in various shapes and sizes, these tanks can be integrated into containerised plants, delivering water and nutrients directly to the roots. Unlike traditional dripper systems, the Plantsava Irrigation System utilises capillary action to supply water where plants need it most—at their roots.

With simplicity and effectiveness in mind, the Mona Plantsava system is a reliable and natural way to ensure efficient plant irrigation. Suitable for all types of planters, flower beds, window boxes, and hanging baskets, this environmentally friendly product is 100% water-efficient and made from recycled materials in the UK.

We stock five different sizes, 1,2,4,6 and 10 litre options.

The Plantsava tank can be easily installed at the bottom of a planter, acting as a reservoir to feed the plant as needed. Plants only absorb the necessary water, and under optimal conditions, refilling is only required approximately every six weeks.

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More Information
SKU 213904-213942
Weight 0.12kg-0.7kg