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Product Info:

GeoCoir erosion control netting provides a strong and durable short to mid-term protection and surface stability for steep and aggressive applications. It’s ideal for applications such as:

  • Watercourses
  • In areas of high wind exposure
  • Ground abrasion protection.

It slows water run-off and provides excellent silt collection, aiding natural vegetation and long-term embankment regeneration. It also provides vital protection from the sun and wind to help grasses establish. Its apertures and design also allow for planting to take place through the mesh.

Geocoir is manufactured from high quality bristle coir fibres and is simple to install. Available in three different grades:

  • GeoCoir 400gsm matting – 2m x 50m
  • GeoCoir 700gsm matting – 2m x 25m
  • GeoCoir 900gsm matting – 2m x 20m

Technical Information:

  • Available in three grades – 400gsm, 700gsm and 900gsm
  • Anticipated decomposition longevity of 3 – 5 years
  • Manufactured from 100% high quality bristle coir fibres
  • Provides durable short to mid-term protection 

Features & benefits:

  • Easy to handle and install
  • Designed to allow planting through its mesh structure
  • Biodegrades completely at the end of its lifecycle
  • Effective for use with watercourses, areas of high wind exposure, for ground abrasion protection, and steep and aggressive applications
  • Slows water run-off and provides excellent silt collection