Electric Fence Gate Handles

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SKU 994217-994231
Weight 0.15kg-0.7kg
Brands Fortis
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Features and benefits

  • Ensures that your electric fence is a complete system by allowing the current to pass through your gate
  • Flanges at the top and bottom to ensure that it won't slip out of your hands - particularly useful in cold, wet weather
  • Internal to help the handle latch onto the gate post insulator, keeping the handle under tension and safely secure
  • Simple to use once installed - unhook from the gate handle insulator when you need to open the gate and reattach once the gate is closed again
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More Information
SKU 994217-994231
Weight 0.15kg-0.7kg
Brands Fortis

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FORTIS electric fencing gate handles will ensure that the current from your electric fence conductor will pass through gate openings and ensure your fencing system is complete. This is an important part of an electric fence that has a gate within it.

Our electric fencing gate handle has an internal spring within its thick plastic casing which allows the current to safely pass through the handle. It also ensures that, when latched, the handle will remain under tension and as secure as possible.

The shape of the handle and its flanges also means that if your hands are wet or cold, you won't run the risk of it slipping out of your hands

Technical information

  • Hook and internal compressed spring encased in a black plastic handle
  • Tie or loop your polywire, polyrope or polytape to the loop end of the handle to connect it to your system
  • Works best with a gate insulator