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Electric Fence Tape, Wire and Rope

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SKU 994316-994354
Weight 0.4kg-2.8kg
Quantity 1 pack
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Features and benefits

  • Our polyrope and polytape are better suited for bigger animals due to having a higher number of conductor wires
  • Our polywire is suited to smaller domestic applications to stop pests from entering gardens, landscaped areas and animal enclosures
  • Supplied on a roll for easy transport and storage
  • Conductor wires made from stainless steel to ensure longevity
  • For further advice on which conductor will be best for you, please get in touch with us
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More Information
SKU 994316-994354
Weight 0.4kg-2.8kg
Quantity 1 pack

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FORTIS Electric Fence conductors will help you to construct a secure and effective electric fence. Our range includes polyrope, polywires and polytapes so that you can choose the conductor that is right for your application. Uses include strip grazing, paddock fencing, livestock confinement, farm boundary fencing, animal enclosure protection, garden and landscape protection and much more.


Polytape is popular for equestrian use including strip grazing, paddocks and horse fences. This type of conductor is effective for faster-moving or larger livestock due to having a bigger surface area and more conductor wires.

We have two types of polytape available:

  • 20mm with 4 x 0.15mm stainless steel conductor wires
  • 40mm with 8 x 0.15mm stainless steel conductor wires

Both are supplied on a 200m roll, making it easy to transport, unroll, store and reuse. Our polytapes are white to ensure that they stand out among vegetation and will withstand the elements well.


Our polywire is supplied in an eye-catching red to ensure that it is noticed by both people and animals. It is suited for slower-moving livestock such as cattle or sheep and is often used around chicken coops or duck ponds to deter predators from climbing over.

We have two types of polywire available:

  • 2mm diameter with 3 x 0.15mm stainless steel conductor wires
  • 2.5mm diameter with 6 x 0.15mm stainless steel conductor wires

Both are supplied on a 250m roll.


Our polyrope is white to stand out against vegetation and is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is thick enough to be used to contain horses and large livestock, but is slightly less visible than the Polytape. Common applications include perimeter fencing for horses and land boundaries. This is particularly effective in windy areas due to being weighty enough to withstand the wind.

Our Polyrope is 6mm thick with 6 x 0.2mm stainless steel conductor wires. This is supplied in a roll of 200m in length.

Technical information

About conductor wires

Each of our conductors contains different numbers of stainless steel conductor wires. These are the wires that carry the electric pulse current through its length. The higher the number of wires, the higher the impact that the conductor will have. For example, 3 conductor wires may be enough to deter smaller animals from trying to pass through or over your fence, but 8 conductor wires will be more suitable for deterring larger animals or livestock.