C2 Multi-Purpose Screws | Timco

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Product Info:

The multi-purpose woodscrew has 52% less torque and 43% quicker. The deep recess is to prevent the 'cam-out' giving a more precise and postive drive and control of the screw, ribs under the head of the woodscrew are for an improved countersinking and to give a flush smooth finish which will help to prevent splitting and material damage. The twin cut tip fo the screw allows consistent and a rapid pick up and will reduce timber from splitting.

Associated Products:

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Technical Information:

- Poxi Head Type
- Suitable for hard/soft woods, man made boards, thin metal and plastic
- Double Countersunk
- Twin Cut - Allows a consistent and rapid 'pick up' and reduces timber splitting
- CE Approved
- Suitable for damp/wet, rural and sheltred areas

Features & benefits: