UC4 Railway Sleeper | 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm | Green Treated


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Timber orders require 2 people to assist offloading, without two people present the delivery can be declined and a re-delivery fee charged.

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Product Info:

****Please Contact Us Before Collecting****



UC4 tanalised treated sleepers have undergone a vigorous tanalised pressure treatment that protects the wood against rotting and damp. This UC4 treatment involved the timber being kiln-dried so that the moisture content is reduced to around 28%. The preservative is then added to the timber while being put under hydraulic pressure to ensure deep penetration of the preservative. This more in-depth treatment ensures that the sleepers will have an extra long life of approximately 15 years. 

These are new, sawn-cut sleepers tend to have straighter edges than reclaimed timber sleepers making them very easy to stack and screw in place.

These railway sleepers can be supplied in 2.4m. It is possible to cut the sleepers using a circular saw, chainsaw or a handsaw - please bear in mind that any newly exposed cut surfaces will need treating with a wood preservative.

Please note that due to the size of these items, the couriers may require assistance during delivery.

Applications include:

  • Lawn and paver edging
  • Decorative raised beds & planters
  • Garden furniture and decoration
  • Garden borders
  • Decks, terraces and walkways 
  • Sandpits for children

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Technical Information:

  • UC4 treated softwood
  • Please note these sizes may vary from those stated by up to 10mm
  • As wood is a natural product it will grow and shrink with temperature and humidity changes. This may result in minor cracks appearing in the surface of the wood. This is perfectly normal and doesn't affect the integrity of the wood.
  • Please note these are very large and sizes may vary from those stated by up to 10mm
  • Please note, sleepers may be affected in transit/with the courier. Spray paint can be present (we ask this is avoided) on one side of the sleeper. This shouldn't affect the usage of the product - if a side has spray paint, this can be used in a way where the paint is covered/out of sight. We will not replace any sleepers in such a condition - as we cannot garuantee they will be any different. 
  • Any concerns on the condition of sleepers should be communicated with us ASAP - please DO NOT accept the delivery if you are unable to use the product as planned - they will be returned to us.
  • As these Softwood Sleepers are a natural product, waney edges, splits, large splinters and a variety of shades are to be expected. They are full of character and give an environment a rustic but authentic and aesthetically pleasing feel.
  • These sleepers are graded for landscaping including gardens, parkland, ponds, back yards, courtyards and raised beds rather than for construction purposes.

Features & benefits:

  • Cost-effective alternative to hardwood sleepers
  • Smaller and easier to move than larger sleepers
  • UC4 treated to ensure longevity
  • Lifespan of 8-10 Years


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