Spiral Tree Shelter - 60cm x 50mm


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Product Info:

Spiral tree guards a economical solution to protecting young trees such as standards, seedlings transplants and single stem hedge plants. Spiral shelters offer protection from browsing animals such as rabbits, hares, sheep and roe deer.

The unique benefit of spiral shelters is their ability to grow with the trees as they mature. The overlapping design avoids the risk of strangulation of the tree. Another benefit to this system of protection is the fact the spirals themselves are very quick and easy to install and often do not even require stakes or fastening to support them.

Spiral tree shelters are manufactured using 100% recycled PVC plastic and offer at least 4 seasons of protection even when exposed to high UV levels and the elements. The PVC will eventually break down into minute inert particles through photo degradation which will not harm the earth around the tree plantation.

In less exposed areas the spiral shelters will may not require canes or additional support, however if support is required we advise using a simple bamboo cane that placed within the spiral itself, ensuring at least one third of the cane is pushed in to the ground.

The spirals are supplied in two different diameters to suit different sized shrubs and trees. The diameters available are 38mm and 50mm and both come in a number of different sizes.

Technical Information:

  • Manufactured from UV stabilised photo degradable polypropylene
  • Unique spiral design secures itself around the young tree without the risk of strangulation
  • 38mm Diameter spirals are available in three heights ‚Äì 45cm

Features & benefits:

  • Improved survival rates of young trees and single stem plants
  • Protection against animals and mechanical damage
  • Protection against herbicides
  • Accelerated plant growth permits to advance the first harvesting
  • Better localisation of the plant at the early stage of plantations in strongly weeded areas
  • Avoids abrasive damage and strangulation on the tree due to expandable spiral design
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised photo degradable polypropylene