Round Fence Post Strainer | Cundy Peel

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Product Info:

Cundy peeled fence posts get their name from how they are roughly cut, with the bark scraped off. As these stakes are not machine rounded their diameter is not uniform along the post, but is generally between 75-100mm. This method of producing the fence posts gives a rustic and more natural appearance, making for a popular alternative to machine rounded stakes.

These pine posts have been kiln dried and pressure treated for Use Class 4 making them suitable for ground contact. Pine allows the treatment to penetrate to the heartwood providing a protective barrier throughout the post against fungal, rot and insect attack.

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Technical Information:

Length: 2.1m
Diameter: 100-125mm
Treatment: Timber is kiln dried before Use Class 4 Pressure treatment
Also available in lengths varying from 1.65m to 2.4m and diameter 75-150mm
Four-way pointed making for easy installation with a postdriver or manually

Features & benefits:

- Length: 2.1m

- Diameter: 100-125mm

- UC4 (Use Class 4) pressure treated

- Popular alternative to machine rounded posts

- Gives a rustic and more natural appearance