Chicken Wire - Galvanised and PVC Coated Mesh

Suregreen Chicken wire is available in both galvanised and PVC coated finishes. Chicken wire mesh is commonly used for chicken coops, rabbit runs, garden fencing, deer fencing and fruit cages and is ideal for use in domestic gardens, horticulture and agriculture applications. Sometimes referred to as hexagonal wire mesh due to the distinctive shapes oh the holes. The galvanised wire netting is protected against the elements and is suitable for outdoor applications.

The metal chicken wire netting is manufactured from steel wire that is galvanised with using a hot-dipped zinc coating that provides the metal with a corrosion resistant surface that is designed not to rust. The PVC chicken wire is not only galvanised but also has another coating of green plastic to give the added protection.

We offer a range of different lengths, heights, holes sizes and wire thicknesses throughout a chicken wire range, we also offer the majority of our roll sizes in a green PVC coated finish, please contact us our visit our PVC chicken wire page to see our full range.

Our chicken wire is supplied in two different wire gauges 20 and 22 gauge, this means the wire is 0.9mm and 0.7mm thick, which is the standard for most chicken wire. We do also have some slightly heavier gauged wire which we refer to as Rabbit Wire, this wire is 19 gauge and is ideal for use with rabbits and other small pets and animals. 
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