Posted Wednesday, 10th December, 2014

Tree Shelters in stock

Tree Shelters in stock

Standard and ventilated tree shelters in 60cm, 75cm and 1.2m heights available

Suregreen offer a range of tree protection shelters and guards that are designed to protect newly planted saplings and young trees from browsing animals. From plastic mesh tree guards for species that require ventilation to twin-wall tree shelters that provide a sheltered environment for the tree to grow while providing the essential protection from browsing rabbits, hare and deer.

Standard tree shelters primary purpose is to protect the tree from browsing animals including rabbits, hares, muntjac deer, roe deer, fallow deer and red deer. The twin wall tube also provides a micro-climate for trees which results in stronger initial establishment and higher tree survival rates. Tree shelter tubes allow the planting of smaller trees and will ultimately produce trees with stronger roots which will benefit the tree in the future. The tree tubes micro-climatic conditions help to increase air moisture within the treeshelter which can reduce water stress ensuring the tree can last longer in drought conditions. Tree shelter tubes can be used in forestry, landscaping and on road verges.

Ventilated tree shelter tubes are designed for more exposed planting sites where there is a large contrast between external conditions and conditions within the tree tube. The ventilated top half acclimatises the tree to potential the potential harsh winds and environment by improving the trunk and root development

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