Posted Tuesday, 8th July, 2014

No.1 Plastic Mesh supplier

No.1 Plastic Mesh supplier

Suregreen supply all your plastic mesh, wire mesh and garden netting supplies nationally

Suregreen Limited continue to develop their range that makes them the no.1 supplier of plastic mesh, plastic netting, wire netting, grass reinforcement mesh, porous pavers, stakes, canes and fencing.

The Suregreen team is led by James Rowlandson and John Warner, previous architects of the Boddingtons brand, now part of PGI. Boddingtons was initially an independent company that specialised in plastic mesh and netting manufacture. When the business was acquired by Fiberweb / PGI, the Boddingtons brand was migrated to concentrate on ecommerce / online shop sales targeting the garden and landscaping industries. Since the Boddingtons online shop website closure, Suregreen can offer a fantastic range of products including Terram geotextiles, plastic netting and GrassProtecta grass reinforcement mesh as well as their own range of products.

The Suregreen team also includes Sarah Diss, Helen Howett and Alannah Mandell who also worked for Boddingtons and Fiberweb. Sarah in particular was responsible for managing the online shop at Boddingtons, and now concentrates on a similar role for Suregreen.

Suregreen are committed to offering an excellent ecommerce experience for our customers for many years to come, and we look forward to your business.

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