Posted Monday, 10th October, 2016

How to construct a decorative pond cover with wire mesh panels

How to construct a decorative pond cover with wire mesh panels
Water has always had most children and adults fascinated by it, whether it is pond dipping or enjoying a great water feature, this decorative cover designed and installed by our customer using our welded wire panels certainly makes it possible for them to get really close and enjoy exploring the micro worlds within the water feature in total safety.

Pond safety is always high on parents and grandparents agenda. Often when faced with having a great pond or water feature that adds such a fantastic feature in any size garden, we worry about the children and their safety around water. A water feature or pond provides an interesting focal point and is a great habitat for wildlife or your prized Koi Carp fish. With safety and protection in mind, our Suregreen customer, Michael, drew on his many years of multi skilled knowledge to find a way to use our welded wire mesh panels to create an amazing water feature in Essex. 
Michael had to ensure the design was a perfect fit and had to make sure he left room for the pumps, fountains and other features in his design.
Michael’s customer loved his solution, which ensured the safety cover was both an attractive feature in the lovely garden and gave protection to their wonderful fish collection. Here's how he did it: 

1. Aluminium angle bars fitted to edge of pond.

2. Welded mesh laid on top.

3.Aluminium flat bar placed on top.

4. Riveting pliers and pop/blind rivets are used to join all the elements together.

5. Heavy duty J-clip pliers and J-clips are used for joining the wire mesh panels.

6. Finished product which can be easily removed for pond cleaning and maintenance.
Please note: This is a decorative feature. Our welded wire panels are not suitable for standing on or walking over. 

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