Posted Wednesday, 16th July, 2014

Grass, Ground and Gravel Reinforcement Newsletter July 2014

Grass, Ground and Gravel Reinforcement Newsletter July 2014

View our latest grass, ground and gravel reinforcement July 2014 Newsletter.

Our grass, ground and gravel reinforcement newsletter for July 2014, features an introduction to our product range which is available to view in full on

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Welcome to Suregreen’s July newsletter. We would like to introduce our range of grass reinforcement and gravel retention permeable paving solutions. We have compiled a range of products that provide ground stabilisation, gravel retention and grass reinforcement on surfaces that are required to be free-draining, environmentally friendly and trafficable.

SUREGREEN PP40 Porous Plastic Paver

Interlocking plastic paving grids can be filled with an angular gravel or grass fill for heavy weight regular traffic (coaches, vans & cars) down to lightweight applications (pedestrians). Ideal for source control within a SUDS development.
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SUREGREEN GR Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Thick plastic grass protection mesh, reinforces grass for infrequent usage and overflow parking requirements on grass. Installed by pinning to the existing grass, the grass will quickly grow through the mesh leaving an invisible structure & natural looking grass surface.     More information >
SUREGREEN TR Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Ideal to reinforce grass surfaces that are required for very occasional and lightweight vehicles and pedestrians. Mesh is installed by pinning to the existing grass surface.      More information >


What’s new?

Visit our new website for full details of our range. You can download a full range of literature, installation guides and design guides.

Paul Munday joins the team

We would like to welcome Paul Munday to our technical sales team. Paul will be responsible for all technical and sales enquiries for this range and has vast experience in the ground reinforcement industry having previously worked for Tenax, Boddingtons, Fiberweb, PGI and Terram.


We offer the facility to buy through our ecommerce website. Ideal for small project purchases, contractors and trade customers:
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